Cut tobacco for smoking purpose UAE

31270 - Cut tobacco for smoking purpose UAE

Cut tobacco for smoking purpose UAE

Item number: 31270

Kindly note that we can supply good quality cut tobacco for smoking cigarette purpose. (Not Chewing and snuffing tobacco, that is a different concept)

1) Origin could be from Zimbabwe, Brazil, Indonesia, India and Malawi

2) Blend can be develop as per requirement of customer

3) The process from tobacco leaf to cut tobacco ready for cigarette manufacturing will be done in UAE. Factories has long experience of tobacco processing

4) Packing will be 110 kg @ case

5) 100 case @ 1x20” container

6) Lead time, for first time blend development could be 21 days from the date of sample approval. Repeat blend can be 3-7 days

7) Price range onward as per required blend, per customer request

Price: upon request

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