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Blauer Europe

Item number: 30892

BLAUER apparel stock, Spring/Summer 2018
Men & Women
Total: 4 423 pieces
All in original plastic bags and untouched stock
Mens 2 626 pieces
Womens 1 797 pieces
Total jackets 2.518 pieces!
Total wholesale: 406 268€
Take all price: -27% discount off Wholesale
Restrictions: No sale in Italy
Paperwork available
Stock in our warehouse - ready for immediate delivery
EXW Italy
Total volume: 140 boxes 80*60*40 cm (50 of women’s / 90 of men´s)
Total weight: 2.410,40 kg
Catalog with pictures per customer request

Additional information:

Packinglist here.xls Packinglist here

Price: upon request

If you are interested in buying this stock offer or you have any questions feel free to contact us.