Airbus stock Europe

21534 - Airbus stock Europe

Airbus stock Europe

Item number: 21534

Please find a proposal for Airbus Aircrafts that are available for sale: (specification attached)
They are located in Europe and still available for sale.
The buyer should send an LOI to proceed with inspection/procedure etc. since the procedure may vary based on the country( buyer) / type of aircraft etc.
The LOI needs to be addressed to: To the End seller via GLOBAL STOCKS

Prices as indicated below:

1. Brand new Airbus A320-200 List price: US$ 98 Million each.
( Selling Price US$59.5 Million each)

2. Brand New AIrbus A321-200 List Price: US$114.9 each.
(Selling Price $77 Million each.)

3. Brand New Airbus A350=900 List price: US$308 Million each.
(Selling Price US$175 Million each.)

4. Second Hand Airbus A380-800 2 x in stock ,
( Selling Price Usd 141 million each )

5. Second Hand Airbus A321
(Selling Price Usd 23 Million each)

Additional information:

Specification Specification here

Price: 59500000.00 €

If you are interested in buying this stock offer or you have any questions feel free to contact us.