New Watches offer USA

30265 - New Watches offer USA

New Watches offer USA

Item number: 30265

All brand new merchandise
New Watches offer

Assorted Watches and Straps
Classified as: New Overstock

All Brand New Overstock
Watches will be packed in individual
Wanderlust Watches branded boxes.
The straps will be individually in plastic bags.

Styles: The Marais, The Vaugirard,
The Williamsburg, The Tribeca, The Mayfair, The Chelsea, The Shoro, The
Belgravia, The Nolita, The Kneightsbridge, & more.

Watches and straps retail between: 44$ - 275$ per unit.
Total: 1 745 units
1 Pallet
Retail value: 205 190$
Price take all: 19 285$

Additional information:

Packinglist here.xlsx Packinglist here

Price: 19285.00 $

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