15271 - BLCO IN China


Item number: 15271

We can deliver one million barrel spot of BLCO very fast and by best possible sales terms and price.

We have BLCO on the tank at China port already ... buyer need only mail us ICPO for their interest to purchase mentioned spot of BLCO ... no need BG, MT799 or anything like that for this purchase.

After our bank approval of the ICPO we mail to buyer ATV (authorization for the dip test) and Invoice with banking and payment instructions and customer can make dip test for the quality and quantity. After acceptable test results buyer make payment as instructed on the invoice and get ownership of the goods and deal is done. This is very very simple and fast procedure.

PLEAS NOTE. If we get this deal done nice and easy we can deliver large quantities more with same terms. But first things first ... please make ICPO for the following and please make it now without delay:

Commodity: 1000000 barrel BLCO (bonny light grude oil), Nigerian origin.
Payment: By MT103, Dip and pay.
Price: World Market Price (bretco) minus six USD, EX tank, China port.
ICPO for Seller: Baltic Europe One OU via GLOBAL STOCKS SIA
ABOUT COMMISSIONS: Price include only seller side commissions, you need add % for you and we split it 50/50

Price: upon request

If you are interested in buying this stock offer or you have any questions feel free to contact us.