JP 54 Europe

29819 - JP 54 Europe

JP 54 Europe

Item number: 29819

The JP 54 offer
Product:  JP 54
Specifications: As attached
Price: 58.00$ / barrel on a contract of 12 months CIF seller's Tanker at Rotterdam
& 65.00$ / barrel on a spot order CIF seller's Tanker at Rotterdam as per MOQ

Minimum Order 1 million barrels. For lower quantity, price is to be re-negotiated

Payment With an Irrevocable, Transferable SBLC equivalent to 1 month delivery, valid for 366 days from an Internationally acceptable bank. This SBLC will act only as a security document in case of default.
Monthly payments will be by MT 103/TT within 5 working days after delivery and dip test.

Performance Bond 2% of the 1 month's shipment value will be provided for contract orders and after receipt of Buyer’s operative financial instruments.
Supplier has agreed to a 6 month contract also along the lines of the same procedures and payment terms.  (With a 2% PB )
2% PB for the Spot shipment also can be reviewed.

Procedures will be spelt out in the SPA after we receive the ICPO

Commissions 1$ is open for buyer side intermediaries.

The ICPO (with full banking details along with a "Soft Probe Authorization"  should be addressed to:
Commodities Trading Group Sdn Bhd via GLOBAL STOCKS

Additional information:

Specification for JP54.docx Specification for JP54

Price: 58.00 $

If you are interested in buying this stock offer or you have any questions feel free to contact us.