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Scented Sweetheart Dolls 20cm high - Lovely Xmas Gifts
Total: 8 500 units - They are handmade in Spain and are certified for age 0+ use as indicated on the hang tag. Quantity Breakdown - Plush dolls: 4 400 units, 2 020 animal dolls, 404 of each style: rabbit, polar bear, bear, leopard, mouse, 2 380 pyjama dolls, 476 of each style: pink, blue, orange, white, grey Vinyl dolls (standing figures): 4 250 units, 1 640 girl bobby soxer, 328 of each color 2 610 boy superhero, 522 of each color - Total: 5 Pallets RRP: 18-24 EUR unit. The quality is excellent, with swing tag, barcode/CE mark.
Price take all: 1.49 EUR unit
EXW Spain

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Price: 1.49 €

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