Laundry detergent USA

33168 - Laundry detergent USA
33168 - Laundry detergent USA

Laundry detergent USA

Item number: 33168

8 000 bags of powdered laundry detergent
Sold only in 5-pound plastic bags
2 types available: High foaming for washing clothes by hand, and low foaming for machine washing. Both have a refreshing fragrance.
Can be private labeled if you furnish the label. A one color label is available at no extra cost.
Also have shampoo, body washes and conditioners in 1-gallon or 5-gallon containers at great prices!
3-week delivery from their dock upon receipt of  first order.
No restrictions! Can be sold in USA or anywhere in the world !
Ongoing continuous availability !
Made in USA
Minimum order quantity = 8 000 5-lb. bags in a 40-ft. container
Price: 2.15$ per bag

Price: 2.15 $

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