Copper Cathode / Grade-A Mongolia

50176 - Copper Cathode / Grade-A Mongolia
50176 - Copper Cathode / Grade-A Mongolia

Copper Cathode / Grade-A Mongolia

Item number: 50176

Copper Cathode / Grade A
Nomination: CU CATH 99,99%
Origin: Mongolia
MOQ: 500 MT per Month negotiable for increase until 1 000 MT per Month, available to negotiate more quantity
Contract Duration: One (1) Year
Currency: United State Dollar (USD)
Price: Discount % Negotiable, minus from London Metal Exchange
Payment Option: T/T after producto delivery at destination
Guarantee: Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC)
Certifications and Inspections: MNS ISO, ALT, SGS – ACCEPTED

1) Buyer issues a LOI
2) Seller issues FCO
3) Buyer sign seal and return the FCO
4) Seller issues Draft Contract
5) Buyer sign, seal and return the Contract, seller sign the Contract and return to the Buyer
6) Buyer Bank sends a DLC to the seller’s Bank
7) Shipment Starts.

Price: upon request

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