Burberry Stock Fabric Hong Kong

49701 - Burberry Stock Fabric Hong Kong


Burberry Stock Fabric Hong Kong

Item number: 49701

Below are Burberry (BBY) stock fabric
Price take all: 2.99$ per meter
EXW Hong Kong

(For this offer, we are working with BBY authorised supplier. The sales proceed will go to charity (instructed by BBY (HKG), Children's Cancer Foundation)

Korea Origin - Young Textile
RM Code Description Qty. Unit
113789. 100% polyester (woven) 675 meter
101207 100% polyester (woven) 4640 meter
Total 5315 meter

Japan Lot (Made in Japan)

Ink Blue 100% nylon. 717.6m 145cm (width). 38g/m2. 47kg
Warm Walnut 100% nylon. 131.8m 145cm (width). 38g/m2. 7.8kg
Citrus Orange. 100% nylon. 558.6m 145cm (width). 38g/m2. 37kg
White. 100% nylon. 2002m. 145cm (width). 38g/m2 128kg

Dusty Caramel 100% nylon. 18.5m. 2.6kg 145cm (width) (Refer to List No. 74111)
Archive Beige, Vivid Rd 100% nylon. 98m 145cm (width) 8.3kg (Refer to List No. 74112)
Black, Dark Charcoal Blue 100% recycled polyester.141m. 144cm (width) 50kg (Refer to List No. 74113)
Green, Light Beige, Red 100% organic cotton. 86.6m. 145cm(width) 36.8kg (Refer to List No. 74114)
Deep Truffle Brown 100% nylon. 145cm (width). 33.5m 3.7kg (Refer to List No. 74115)
Bright Red, Camel, Orange, Deep Fern Green . 100% nylon. 145cm (width). 189.5m 14.7kg (Refer to List No. 74116)

Black. 100% polyester. 253m 134cm(width). 195g/m 81kg
Camel. 100% polyester 620.5m 140cm(width). 72g/m 86kg
Black 100% polyester 1152m 140cm (width) 72g/m 157kg
Black 100% polyester 1787m 140cm (width) 72g/m 244kg
White 100% polyester 1806m 140cm(width). 72g/m 246kg
Total Abt. 9595.6m

Vietnam Lot (Made in China)

100% cotton (knitted) 230-252gsm 72" 116.91 yard
100% cotton (knitted) 215G/m2 72"-74" 4192.56 yard
100% cotton (knitted) 340G/m2 68" 109.5 yard
Total 4418.97 yard (4040.7m) 1700.80kg

Thailand Lot 1 (Made in China)
100% cotton (pique) 2889.25 yard (2641.9m) 848.92kg (3.82CBM)

Thailand Lot 2
100% cotton (woven and knitted)
80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane (knitted)
85% Mulberry Silk, 15% Fiber (woven)
43% Cotton, 30% Mulberry Silk, 27% Polyester (woven)
96% Mulberry Silk, 4% Elastane (woven)
Total 6541.27m 1356.75kg

Europe Lot
Down Proof Fabric. 100% nylon with TPU Film. 4673 yard
All in about: 32 407.46 meters

Packinglists per customer request

Price: 2.99 $

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