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32740 - Surface Wipes Europe


Surface Wipes Europe

Item number: 32740

Surface Wipes Pack 200 Wipes
25 000 units of alcohol-based surface wipes breakdown below
12 000 expire end of August 2019
13 000  expire end February 2020
The product is made by a leading manufacturer
Alcohol-based wipes for use on medical devices and clinical surfaces. Excellent material compatibility, dries quickly, no residue and ideal for use between patients.
Effective against: Bacteria (incl. M. Tuberculosis), Fungi, H1N1, MRSA, Viruses (including HBV, HIV and Adenovirus).
Meets HTM 01-05.
Wipe size: 200 x 220mm
12 x200 in a case
50 cases per pallet
20 pallets in total
Retail price is £6.50 which gives a total retail stock value of £162,500.
Price take all: 0.95 GBP pack

Price: 0.95 £

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