MOTO men's jeans USA

56267 - MOTO men's jeans USA

MOTO men's jeans USA

Item number: 56267

MOTO men's stretch jeans with paint drips - Brand name Ministry of Fashion - Style MOF2500 - See photo & inventory list
Size ratio and color breakdowns: 3 colors: vintage, dark blue and blue
Fabric: 98% cotton and 2% Spandex
RN # 70604
Packaging: Solid color: Pack A: 30-38 (30 and 32 inseam) Pack B: 32-42 (32 and 34 inseam) 12-pcs per carton (Review attached inventory list)
Total: 2 160 pairs in 3 color washes
MSRP: 39.99$ per pair
Price take all: 9.75$ per pair

Additional information:

Pictures and packinglist here.pdf Pictures and packinglist here

Price: 9.75 $

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