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51122 - Pogo cam USA

Pogo cam USA

Item number: 51122

POGOTEC Pogo Cam Wearable HD Camera
INCLUDES ADAPTERS FOR YOUR GLASSES: This tiny camera attaches magnetically to most glasses so you can capture your POV 5MP PHOTOS AND 720p HD VIDEOS:
Works best outdoors; holds 100 photos or (6) 30-second video clips before transferring INCLUDED SMART CASE RECHARGES AND STORES: Smart case (included)
recharges the camera up to 3 times and holds up to 16,000 photos or (180) 30-second video clips ANDROID AND IPHONE APPS: Free iOS and Android apps
SMALLER THAN A TUBE OF LIP BALM: The removable camera measures 1.7" x .5"; weighs less than two dimes
UPC # 8-18654-02000-4 - CE CODED
All brand new in original cases
Total: 12 000 units
Case Pack: 40
MOQ: 2 000 units
AMAZON for 39.99$ each
Price take all: 6.75$ each

Price: 6.75 $

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