Nerf Rival vision gear goggles USA

48926 - Nerf Rival vision gear goggles USA

Nerf Rival vision gear goggles USA

Item number: 48926

Nerf Rival Vision Gear goggles
Battlers can show their team colors with Nerf Rival Vision Gear! These goggles have a team color indicator bar that can be changed by moving the lever to display red, blue, or white.
The goggles are designed for a comfortable fit and have an adjustable elastic strap.
Hasbro item # E0002
UPC # 6-30509-60899-7
Case pack: 2
Could not fit these on the last truck sold, so it's your gain!
Retail Dimensions : 9" x 8" x 3.75"
Price at is 46.3$ pcs.
Walmart price: 24.95$ pcs.
Total: 1 800 pieces
Price take all: 3.15$ each

Price: 3.15 $

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